We had a very successful Jr. National Championships this year.  The three-day tournament included the National competition on Fri/Sat and the International competition on Sunday. We came back with three Gold medals, five Silver medals, and four Bronze.

Here are the podium finishers:

Abi Shioya: Gold (National) Gold (International)

Stephanie Martinez-Flores: Gold (National)

Anthony Medina: Silver (National); Silver (International)

Bailey Shioya: Silver (National)

Jonathan Martinez-Flores: Silver (National)

Laila Grijalva: Bronze (National); Silver (International)

Shannon Daly: Bronze (International)

Aiden O’Brien: Bronze (International)

Dominic Peterson: Bronze (International)

Besides the victories we saw that led to podium finishes, there were many victories that did not lead to a medal. Victories not only on the competition mat but also those that occurred in the dojo and also in the mental and emotional growth of these young athletes. The saying that “the journey is the reward” is so true. Many of the team members put in extra practices and are learning that to reach their desired goal sometime requires a little sacrifice. Discipline brought on by the instructors or their own selves, in regards to preparing for this event, made them stronger not only as an athlete but as a young person. It will help them in other parts of their lives as they grow.

Congratulations to this year’s team and thank you to all of the supporters and cheerleaders!