Morning Classes for Kids and Adults



Morning classes for Home Schoolers: Monday – Wendesday – Friday  10:10AM – 11:10 AM.
If you have kids that are Home Schooled and looking for an activity that will fit in with their cirriculum our martial arts program maybe for them.  Along with the Martial Arts training and physical fitness we strive to instill self-discipline, resilience, persistence, and other positive character traits.  We believe that everything that is learned inside our dojo, should serve and help our students outside the dojo.

Our Adult classes are also held on Monday – Wednesday – Friday  11:15AM – 12:30 PM.
For those that start their workday, or attend college classes later in the day, this is the perfect time of day to train and learn the benefits that the Martial Arts will bring in to your life.  Start and advance at your own level and find out what you are capable of both physically and mentally.  You will find that the benefits you gain through training will also follow you in your everyday life in a positive way.