Bojuka Ryu

This class will take each student through the ranking system up to, and beyond Blackbelt, 1st degree, as they learn the complete art of Bojuka Ryu which includes various techniques of Karate, Ju-Jitsu, Judo, and the hand techniques of Boxing. Techniques will be learned for self-defense, competition, and fitness. As a student progresses through the ranks, they will also realize the intangible benefits that Bojuka Ryu brings into one’s life when practiced with diligence and consistency. Children, Teens, and Adult classes are offered. Classes are held three times a week during the day and evening hours.


This class instructs the student in the martial art and Olympic sport of Judo.  Students will learn to fall safely, perform various throws, hold downs, and submission techniques. Regardless of age, Judo can be practiced at every level and has something for everyone and it is one of the most popular martial arts practiced throughout the world. Bojuka Ryu students have successfully competed in Judo with numerous State and National Champions including medal wins on the international stage. The classes are available for Junior, Intermediate, and Senior students.  Classes are held three times a week.


This class is geared for those that are looking to improve their overall and long-term physical fitness.  The program includes stretching, cardio, resistance, and various strength exercises. Classes are held three times a week.  It is recommended to check with your physician prior to participation in any exercise program.