Botan Joshi Judo Kai is our Women’s Judo program.  Botan is the Japanese name for Peony, it is symbolic of bravery, honor, and good fortune in the Japanese culture.

The class is directed and instructed by Sensei Janine who has practiced judo for over 29 years and is currently a sandan (3rd degree black belt). She was a former member of the U.S. Judo Team representing the U.S. internationally. She is a 4x Senior National Champion, 3x World Team member, Pan American Silver medalist, and multiple World Cup medalist.

Our program focuses on the fundamentals of the martial art of Judo (“the gentle way”) where you will study its basic techniques and principles.  You will learn to utilize the two main principles of judo to strengthen yourself physically, mentally and spiritually:

1. “Seiryoku Zenyo” – Minimum effort and maximum efficiency

2. “Jita Kyoei” – Mutual benefit for self and others

Stepping into a new dojo and learning a martial art can be intimidating at first to anybody! Botan Joshi Judo Kai is a welcoming, judgment-free environment that was purposefully crafted for each student to personally thrive in. All egos must be left outside the door of the dojo.

The main goal of this class is to help each individual grow confident in discovering and refining their own unique fighting style while building strength and having a good time on the mat. You can expect to learn how to do many throws, grips, pins, chokes, and armbars (and make some friends along the way).

Women from any level of experience are welcomed, most of our students start with little to no experience at all.  Drop by to observe or try out a class if you are interested!  Make sure to wear comfortable, athletic clothing and bring a bottle of water.

Women’s Judo Class Schedule

Wednesday: 6:15pm – 7:15pm


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Tees $18 – email to order