It was a big day at the Cupertino Invitational today. We had some students that participated in their first tournament, others getting ready for State and National Championships, many continuing to develop their Judo, and one student competing in his first Blackbelt division! We also had some great mat-side coaching, thank you to Sensei Nicki, Sensei Anthony, Sensei James, Aleida, and Bailey. Podium finishers were:

Gold Medalists: Laila Grijalva, Anthony Medina

Silver Medalists: Xander Von Benedikt, Vidal Pocaigue, Adnan Shah, Stephanie Martinez-Flores, Pierce Balestrieri, Joan “JJ” Cano, Cora Derbin, Andy Salas, Sam Christoper Miguel (Blackbelt Div),

Bronze Medalists: Corbin Hargett, Ehsan Shah, Salman Shah, Calvin Giddens, Lydia Derbin, Moises Munoz, Ashton Creveling, Abi Shioya, Kai Yasuda, Ysabelle Tanseco, Thomas Carter, Ken Fowler

Nice job everyone!