Below are our team’s results at the 30th Annual Bojuka Judo Tournament Eddie Stewart Memorial. Our fighters earned Forty-Two Medals! ( 9-Gold; 18-Silver; 15-Bronze ). Even though everyone did not come home with a medal, they gave it their all and should be proud of their performances. A big thank you to mat side coaches: Sensei Janine, Sensei Anthony, Sensei Joey, Sensei Nathan, and Aleida Martinez. Also a great job by our referees, Anthony Medina, Ysabelle Tanseco, Bailey Shioya, Kekoa Yasuda, Brandon Shioya, Martin Tanseco, Sensei Kevin, and Sensei Chris. Very proud of our dojo and our community of instructors, students, parents, friends, and supporters!

GOLD MEDALISTS: Victor Benitez, Ana Ruiz, Sunrise Cogswell, Griffin Hurd, Abdiel Ruiz, Abigail Shioya, Anthony Medina, Ysabelle Tanseco, Kekoa Yasuda

SILVER MEDALISTS: Jaxon Youngbar, Carter Brown, Ruby Nguyen, Bella Palafox-McGhee, Supriya Borgert, Philip Salas, Natalia Dokie, Vidal Pocaigue, Lydia Derbin, Evan Takehara, Aiden O’Brien, Yireh Ruiz, Naomi Wordofa, Cora Derbin, Pierce Balestrieri, Carlos Camarena, Bailey Shioya, Lucy Vucina

BRONZE MEDALISTS: Tucker Cogswell, Duncan Hurd, Senen Gasca, Darren Webber, Corbin Hargett, Jeremy Nguyen, Aian Felizardo, Xander von Benedikt-Fowler, Adnan Shah, Haidyn Lee, Salman Shah, Shannon Daly, Laila Grijalva, Jonathan Martinez, Corbin Hargett