Here are the results for our team at the San Jose Buddhist Memorial Tournament this past weekend. Our team showed great heart and fighting spirit. Though everyone did not make the podium, that was not a reflection on their strong performance and will. Nice job everyone! Also a big thank you to our matside coaches that put in a very long day! Thank you to Sensei Nicki, Sensei Janine, Sensei Anthony, Sensei Kevin, Aleida, and Brandon.

Gold Medal: James Takahara

Silver Medals: Tucker Cogswell; Bella Palafox-McGhee, Ehsan Shah; Vidal Pocaigue, Aiden O’Brien, Laila Grijalva, Shannon Daly, Stephanie Flores, Ysabelle Tanseco, Andy Salas, Tommy Carroll

Bronze Medal: Colton Santos, Lydia Derbin, Sunrise Cogswell, Laurette Noack, Abi Shioya, Tyler Creveling, Bailey Shioya, Pierce Balestrieri, Konan Van Lear