Congratulations to ALL of the Bojuka Ryu team members that took to the mats today at the San Jose Memorial Tournament held at San Jose State University. There were approx. 700 competitors and about 80 teams. Our team’s performance was strong enough to place us within the top five, we will find out in in the next few days to see where the final tally places us. Some of the fighters were experiencing their first tournament and did a great job. Below are the medallist and their placings. Special thanks to the parents for making the drive and bringing our athletes, and also to our mat-side coaches, Senseis: Nicki, Janine, Nathan, and Anthony who had a long day with the athletes and going back and forth from mat to mat!

Gold Medal: Lydia Derbin, Shannon Daly, Laila Grijalva, Adnan Shah, Chris Miguel

Silver Medal: Dwight Lee, Sunny Cogswell, Vidal Pocaigue, Stephanie Martinez-Florez, Ysabelle Tanseco, Bailey Shioya

Bronze Medal: JJ Cano, Russell Cogswell, Moises Munoz, Ruby Nguyen, Salman Shah, Brendon Waibel, Kai Yasuda, Kekoa Yasuda, Nikki Edmiston, Thomas Carter, Aleida Martinez,