The Bojuka Ryu 2018 National Team gears up this weekend for the Spokane, Wa. National Championships. After the team meeting, we took a pic of competitors and coaches. After all the preparation it comes down to the competition. The National Championships start tomorrow. Thank you to all the Sensei that helped the team prepare and all the fellow students that pressed and encouraged them to train. Also, a big thank you to the parents/grandparents for getting the kids to practice, tournaments, and of course these Championships. And much appreciation to BPSA for their support of the team. We’ll keep you updated on their progress throughout the weekend.

From left to right; (Sensei James, Sensei Eddie, Cora Derbin, Stephanie Martinez-Florez, Kekoa Yasuda, Jonny Martinez, Kai Yasuda, Anthony Medina, Brendan Waibel, Pierce Balestrieri, Dominic Peterson, Lydia Derbin, Salman Shah, Ehsan Shah, Tommy Carroll, Adnan Shah, Bailey Shioya, Sensei Nikki, Ruby Nguyen, Sensei Janine, and Abi Shioya)