Botan Joshi Judo Kai is the name of our Women’s Judo program. Botan is the Japanese name for the Peony flower. Its beauty is also symbolic of bravery, honor, and good fortune in the Japanese culture. “Joshi Judo Kai” means “women’s Judo club or organization.” 

This program is directed and instructed by Janine Nakao, Sensei. She was a former member of the U.S. Judo Team representing the U.S. in competitions around the world. She is a four-time National Champion, three-time World Team member, Pan American Silver medalist, and multiple World Cup medalist.

In this class, you will not only learn the martial art of Judo (gentle way), but you will also realize the inner strength, abilities, and untapped resources that you have within yourself. You will also meet and train with other ladies that have a common interest and perhaps create new and lasting friendships

You will learn in a comfortable and non-threatening atmosphere with a mix of traditional and current training techniques in a very welcoming environment.